Who is Epic Fred?

Norril the Gnome Bladesinger
RIP Norril

Way back in the long lost year of 2014, I was sitting in my truck brainstorming a new character for a Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition campaign. My previous character, a gnome bladesinger named Norril, had his spirit devoured by some sort of specter. It was not his finest moment. Norril had been driven half mad by a strange magical tome and just didn’t have enough sense left to get away. I was distraught, but a new character was necessary.

So as I said, I was sitting in my truck mulling over the possibilities. I settled on a half-elf bard. I hadn’t played a bard before and it seemed like an exciting new experience. My wife and I were discussing the in’s and out’s of the new character when I started to ponder what to call him. As the words, “What do you think his name should be” left my lips, a little, seven year old voice from the back seat shouted without hesitation, “Epic Fred!”

Color reference for Epic Fred.
Colour reference I made for a friend to paint Epic Fred, my first miniature from Hero Forge.

In that moment my son named one of the most fun characters I had played to date. I leaned hard into the stereotypical bard. Born Freddic Humble, Epic Fred was many things: musician, storyteller, silver tongue, and importantly, a brave adventurer. He grew up an urchin on the streets of a bustling city, but used his natural charisma and penchant for deception to find his way into parties well above his station. His friends knew him as the person to go to if you were looking to find fun, and often trouble. The dangerous hijinks he got up to earned him his nickname.

After years of adventuring, Epic Fred retired and settled down with a lady of minor nobility. While the character retired, the name has stayed with me every since.

So without further adieu:

Greetings honoured guests! I am your host, Freddic Humble. However, my friends call me Epic Fred and we’re all friends here. Welcome to my humble Dungeons and Dragons blog. *bows with flourish*