Dungeon Master Tips and Tricks

Here is a collection of posts focused on my experiences as a Dungeon Master. Hopefully these Dungeon Master tips and tricks can add some additional fun and engagement to your games. Also be sure to check out my Dungeon Master Resources page for some websites/apps I actually use!

Past Posts in “Dungeon Master Tips and Tricks”

  • Running a D&D Amnesia Campaign
    The character sheet is a core facet of most tabletop roleplaying games. The majority of players would scoff at the idea of playing without one. … Read more
  • Dungeons and Dragons and Combat
    For as long as Dungeons and Dragons has existed, combat has been one of it’s core pillars. This makes quite a bit of sense when … Read more
  • Critical Hits and Skill Checks
    In Dungeons and Dragons, the concept of rolling critical hits or critical failures in relation to skill checks is fairly debated. For some reference, in … Read more
  • AyOhBe’s House Rules
    Hello! Even though you haven’t asked, I thought I would share with you the House Rules for Dungeons and Dragons that I use at my … Read more
  • Monster Spotlight – Larak, the Lich
    Liches are an iconic monster. Commanding the voice of a lich in Dungeons and Dragons is to command a wealth of power, knowledge and experience. … Read more
  • Easter Themed Adventure Ideas (and a one shot)!
    2023 update: Now available: an Easter Krampus monster – Bluthas, Fallen Spring Hare stats and stl! I really enjoy running holiday themed quests. They can … Read more
  • Player Choice and Consequences
    One of my favourite things about roleplaying games is the freedom they provide. Whether it is a video game or a tabletop roleplaying game, I … Read more
  • Anchoring Characters
    Creating characters is the backbone of D&D. You can’t play without them and making a character you don’t jive with can ruin a game. OR … Read more
  • Dungeons and Dragons Skill Spotlight: Insight
    Recently my browsing led me to a Dungeons and Dragons article by CRB.com titled “How to Use Dungeons & Dragons’ Most Controversial Skill“. The “controversial … Read more
  • Roleplaying Downtime Outside the Game
    What are players up to between missions? The adventurers in tabletop roleplaying games are often extremely busy. There are always dungeons to delve, citizens to … Read more
  • Playing D&D Via Text
    So…an experiment A few weeks ago I had become curious about “play-by-post” RPGs. For those of you that don’t know, play-by-post is a way of … Read more
  • Drawing Inspiration
    Tabletop roleplaying is a realm of constant creation. Characters, conversations, strategies, situations, stories, NPCs, monsters, treasures, and much more, are created continuously. Some with much … Read more
  • Don’t Split the Party . . .
    Or maybe do? A common adage heard at tables, in print and online is, “don’t split the party”. It’s been a phrase among players and … Read more
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of D&D – Part One
    Role playing games are experiences that require the cooperation of all the players at the table. This can be a lot for people to navigate, … Read more
  • The Third String
    Heroes Don’t Need to be Perfect For many people, roleplaying games are about playing someone powerful and amazing. Some go out of their way to … Read more
  • Player and Dungeon Master Resources (That I’ve actually used)
    Below are some resources for both players and game masters! I’m only including resources I have personal experience with, so if your favourite resource is … Read more
  • The Egg Heist – My Shift in Storytelling
    Like many others, I started running games using premade modules. They are extremely convenient, reduce prep time, and are often a lot of fun. When … Read more
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