Epic Fred’s Spring D&D Giveaway!

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After consulting the wonderful folks of the internet, I’ve learned that people want free stuff. Specifically, people would like free Dungeons and Dragons accessories! So I’ve decided to do a Spring D&D giveaway!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Handmade resin dice set by Dew & Daisy Dice ($55 CAD Value)
  • Custom sculpted rabbit monster miniatures (1 large and 2 medium) Sculpted by Matias 3D Miniatures ($60 USD Value)
  • A character commission from Irrelevant Evan at DungeonsAndDrawings.com ($50 USD Value) 
  • And some priceless extra goodies from Epic Fred:
    • A hand painted Epic Fred miniature
    • Hand painting of the large size rabbit monster
    • D&D 5e game stats for the rabbit monsters
    • Other surprises!

To enter: Contest Closed!
Leave a comment on this post about your favourite TTRPG moment!
You will also receive a bonus entry if you are a follower of Epic Fred on either Instagram or Twitter (include your @ in your comment)!

This contest is open until April 10, 8 pm AST., and the winner will be announced on April 11. This is open to residents of Canada and the United States only (due to shipping costs), if you wish to enter internationally you can do so only if you are willing to pay for shipping.

April 11 Update: The winner is Spiralmelodies, congratulations!

Good luck everyone! And be sure to check out my Easter Themed Adventure Hooks and one-shot!

16 thoughts on “Epic Fred’s Spring D&D Giveaway!

  1. There’s so many hilarious moments, but sometimes the serious ones hit just as hard. As a DM, I was so proud when one of my players sacrificed some of their personal strength to help save a sacred tree that was dying from corruption. We follow you @percylovesleaves !

  2. (Thanks for this awesome giveaway!)

    My favorite moment so far has been while my party and I were sent to hell after dying in battle (full tpk 😭) and we decided to enter in an arena to gain standing within hell. Turns out we really shouldn’t have done that, which ended up killing my character… but before that our bard turned me into a hydra, and did quite a bit of damage to the remaining enemies before I lost all hp for the hydra and turned back into myself, then failed all my death saves 😅 but it was fun!

  3. the party was exploring an ancient pyramid and in a chest they found two potions, labeled in archaic elven script that roughly suggested they were potions of water breathing, though with different and ancient glyphs being used to denote this, the meaning of which was lost on the party.
    two of the players each drink a potion. one fails to notice a change while the other begins to choke on the air. the first sticks his head in a small pool of water and finds that he can breathe water in addition to air, does a quick looskie-aroundsie then surfaces and stands around while the party deals with the second potion imbiber.
    he began choking. by the time the party had carefully studied the potion label and did some thinking, he was unconscious but alive. they realize that he can ONLY breathe water and thus one of the PCs fills a bucket with water, dunks his head in, then holds him in the water. she notices bubbles arising and figures ‘good, he can now breathe’
    at this point the potions wear off; the first imbiber was playing remotely so I texted him ‘you can breathe fine now.’ He read this as ‘you can breathe fire now’. he begins trying to swallow torches and drink alchemists fire before trying to breathe it out, hoping he had gained a breath weapon. this was not the case and he kept taking damage. distracted by the fire-swallowers antics, I made everyone roll [several] perception checks. no one rolled higher than a 7.
    of course, if they did, they would have realized that the man with his head in a bucket had stopped breathing, drowned by his own party.
    And there is the tale of the final days of Fentanyl Toadsworthy, Mystic Theurge

  4. The party had a very complicated task of ‘liberating’ some precious cargo from a manor house in the midst of a high society party. The only rule was no violence. One of the characters managed to successfully persuade the host to move the party into the garden, another had to feign a fall to obtain a key from the lady of the houses necklace, one had to seduce a noble in order to get some crucial information, mine had to outwit a treacherous jewelry box; and that’s just the beginnings of it! They were hilarious sessions over following with creativity and dramatic dice rolls. I’m glad to report; mission accomplished. **disclaimer: the dm may or may not agree with this report, but that’s ok, my character knows for sure that the party definitely didn’t hurt anyone.

  5. Started following you! @tgraves19
    Most tense moment for sure was the party trapped inside a temple in the shadow fell. Each room had 4 doors that would randomly transport us into another. Simultaneously a large construct of Jubilex was moving from room to room corrupting or killing anyone it came across. After a few encounters with it, our party was mostly dead and looking for a place to rest. We entered a room at the same time as the construct. During the fight, our cleric NPC went down and my paladin was the only one left to heal him back. As I ran to him the construct got between us and the rest of the party. We all had very little health so I decided to drag our cleric through a door to transport us off to safety, thus splitting the party in a randomized 100 room temple with an overpowered enemy chasing us. Worked out for us in the end but was probably the most tense 2 hours at the table so far!

  6. One of my favourite moments was as a DM, and presententing an investigative puzzle regarding a murder that was solvable in a few ways. I watched, pained, as my party attempted to solve it, disregarding every clue I placed in front of them, only to in the end be required to practically hand them the answer. I learned a lot those sessions!

  7. A party assaulting a certain vampire lord were over-prepared and had been openly antagonistic with them prior to the encounter. So the vampire lord had sliding peep-holes made in their coffin and had thralls reinforce it with iron. When the party entered the vampire’s resting place, the coffin began hovering upright and slowly spinning under an animate object spell and the vampire fired off spells from various open peep holes, essentially creating an armored disco-ball of chaos.
    The party still won, but from then on kept trying to find ways to emulate such a device themselves.


    1. Awesome giveaway! My favorite moment has to be after my rogue was forced to confess to working for the BBEG (because of a debt from his parents). It was all very tense with the party and we went to respective homes. But, the druid went up to the rooftop by herself to stargaze, like we had all promised to do together. It made a really nice art piece. (Insta: @under_the_fireflies)

  8. There are so many moments in my D&D adventures that are memorable- But the ones I loved the most have had to be hosted by you!
    Our Circus campaign with my Strong Woman Minotaur, Seeszara Rocksmash, has been one of the best experiences I have had up to date in any play through. From arm wrestling the local towns guard to serving the mightiest finishing blow to our end boss, all the quirky side characters and shenanigans we managed to get up to was amazing, and I still very fondly think of those few short sessions!

    (Instagram @ dessydreamer for the follow!)

  9. A memorable campaign entitled ‘Cake Gobblin’ had us playing as goblins and kobolds. My goblin, Fleaz, despised humans and would actively try to kill any she came across. This became tricky when the group wanted to help a little human boy find his mother and Fleaz had to reign in her instincts. I spent the rest of the campaign rolling to see if Fleaz would try to kill the boy when an opportunity presented itself. My group tried different ways to keep us apart during our travelling, even dressing him up as a goblin and giving him a new goblin-esq name. Multiple attempts were made and then thwarted. The boy lived and was left with people while we continued on.

  10. My favorite memory was when the party decided to jump into a Dragon’s maw because “we can kill him from the inside” They didn’t. They died.

  11. D20 modern set in the 90s. Our group is in a truck chasing down a huge Tiger-demon(like bigger than the truck). The tiger demon stops and starts charging at the truck. Drivers initiative is first. He stops to let everyone out. Passenger sitting beside the driver is next (and a lot chaotic), slams his own foot on the gas pedal thinking the truck would do a ton of damage to the demon, driver makes a “drive” check… natural 1. Truck veers off course, goes over a ramp and ends up in a fiery heap. 50 damage to all of us. Good start.

  12. My favorite moment would probably be failing miserably at tossing a party member onto a boat, very simple, but I’ll never forget the look of despair on their face…
    (@whompwhomper on IG)

  13. I recently played a kenku warlock with a fiend patron (in a homebrew game). The patron was working with the big bad to open an abyssal portal and unleash demons into the campaign’s setting, a parallel dimension. However, she confided in me that we were working against the big bad to instill HER as goddess of the realm instead of the big bad. So there were multiple factions in this setting, including a neutral god of this parallel dimension.

    Finally the party engages in the final battle against the big bad and my patron calls me to reveal my true allegiance. As I was about to strike the death blow to the big bad (betraying him and my party), the neutral god pleaded with me to not do this horrible thing. The neutral god promised that I could become goddess of this realm if I helped kill the big bad and my patron.

    Since I was neutral evil and longed for my own power, I took the deal. Because of various interactions in the world, the party were seen as demigods by the denizens and their belief in me was enough to sustain my power despite me rebelling against my patron.

    My patron screeched at me in anger but I turned to her and said, “There can be only one Night Mother of this world, and I don’t need you anymore!”

    Truly an epic conclusion! 😀

  14. I’ve only recently started playing but my favourite moment so far: my character is terrified of water and was plagued by dreams of falling into a deep lake then waking up right after sensing some powerful horrifying presence notice her. The dreams had gotten more realistic and intense as time went on, to the point that one day she woke up choking and spluttering because she somehow had some water in her lungs. Eventually in one of our sessions her nightmare comes to life, while the party is aboard a boat crossing a giant lake she gets knocked overboard and finds herself sinking and struggling to surface ineffectively. She’s eventually surrounded by the feeling of the monstrous powerful presence from her dream. After a lot of freaking out and reaching the end of her oxygen she finally hears the rumbling voice in her head: “Oh. It’s you.” The voice our DM used was so incredibly disinterested and nonchalant that it was hilarious to me for this to be the result after so much suffering and anxiety from my character.
    My Instagram is spiralmelodies.

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