A Short Storytime – Recorded Summary

Pre-Game Summaries

Each of my sessions typically starts with me summarizing the events of the previous session. It’s a nice lead-in that gets everyone’s mind back into events. When there is a long stretch of time between sessions, I recap back to the beginning with emphasis on the points that are still important to the current events.

Recently my wife and I went through an extremely busy summer (that included moving 1200 km and starting a new job), so we went a couple of months without playing. While preparing for game (Halls of Gathering), one of my players suggested that I do a recorded summary beforehand so that we could be prepared to start as soon as we were all online. This gave me an interesting idea.

I decided to record the recap from the perspective of a variety of the characters the players have interacted. So I recorded a series of short clips each telling a portion of the story from a different perspective. The clips posted below for your entertainment! They were recorded off the cuff, so the pacing is a little broken but I hope you enjoy.

Recorded Summary for The Collected

Baron Sylas das Sommler – Owner of The Halls of Gathering.
Sebek-tetu – Leader of the D’tarig, desert nomads.
Karanine – Shanom resistance member.
Larak – Lich, Doorkeeper to Arseros.
High Lord Elrose – Paladin of the Church of Arseros.
Lt. Barlock – Guard in the town of Shanom.
Noloq the Lifedrinker – Ancient evil accidentally freed from a box.
Bartholomew Ewan Richard Greycastle – Bard following the party.
Novissimus – Couatl, ally of Larak.

Hope you enjoyed the listen!

Novissimus the couatl in his Halfling form. By Evan Winston

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